Yes, shocking. Activision is planning to do what other studios tried with no luck: launching an entertainment division and make even more profit with its most popular brands.

According to sources that have talked with The Information, this new studio would produce not only movies, but TV shows as well all based on Activision Intellectual Properties. Some time ago, Activision even said that its Call of Duty games were like Michael Bay films; they know how to make action scenes and now, besides, they are counting with actors as important as Kevin Spacey in its biggest productions.

call of duty advanced warfare kevin spacey 600x355 Rumor: Activision planning to launch a studio to produce movies and TV shows based on its IP's | VGLeaks 2.0

Under this scenario, Activision feels that they are able to offer to the public exactly the titles they want to see on the big screen, just like Marvel Studio does.

Allegedly, CEO Bobby Kotick, is currently in talks to get the necessary executive talent, even though the studio is aware that this new strategy might negatively affect the popularity of some of its brands if some of the planned products do not match the expectations.

Via | Engadget, The Information