[UPDATE: The artwork has been removed from this post at the request of the artist]


After Microsoft bought Playground Games (Forza Horizon series) more than a year ago, it soon became known that the studio was developing a great new project. Many rumors are pointing out during this time that Playground Games are, in fact, developing a new Fable game.

There is no confirmation about this info, but recently, a concept art test by artist Rodrigo Idalino appeared on his ArtStation page (via Resetera ) and unleashed the rumors because it really looks like Fable. Idalino worked in the past with Microsoft, and what’s most important: we can see the Playground logo on his art. Furthermore, Idalino posted the art with the following text:

Playground Games Character concept art test. Art test done a few months ago

Shortly afterwards, Idalino deleted the images and the post.


Of course, this could be just a conceptual test made months ago and could end up in nothing.

Stay tuned.

Via | Resetera & VGC