Next Xbox/Durango official presentation seems to be close in time. We have talked about it recently and we will talk more and more about this event and companies that may appear on April 26th.

Today is EA’s turn. Anonymous sources are claiming EA has secured a partnership with Microsoft. We don’t know the details, but seems likely. Very likely.

Mass Effect 1 was developed by EA, but Microsoft Games Studios had an important position in the development work. Everybody thought it was unlike (or impossible) to see ME1 on Plasytation 3 but, suddenly, we saw a Mass Effect Trilogy announced for 360 and PS3… including the first game.


Since then many rumors have appeared stating that Microsoft agreed to let EA publish ME1 in PS3 with the condition of having a possible ‘only for’ Mass Effect 4 on Durango (limited in time, we guess).

What do you think, are we going to see a Mass Effect game only for Xbox Next? Are we going to see a new IP attached to Microsoft’s new machine? Are we just seeing a brand-new disappointing DLC?