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Yakuza is a niche franchise. Sega has tried to create a little and stable market for this license in the West, but apparently that’s not the type of game that achieves a moderate success in our territory.

Every action has its repercussion and Yakuza 5 seemed that never would be released out of Japan, until today. Atlus could localize Yakuza 5. Atlus was bought by Sega some months ago and this company has a localization team and this time that part of the company could be working to bring Yakuza 5 to the West.

qzrmkr Rumor: Atlus could localize Yakuza 5 in the West | VGLeaks 2.0

That’s a feasible rumor; Atlus has localized games with a restricted market before. The type of game that does not sell a bunch of unities. If we consider some Atlus releases like Code of Princess, maybe Yakuza 5 could appear only in digital format. That’s a way to save part of the inversion. I’m thinking aloud…

Thanks, Neo-GAF.