Nintendo is sending memos to the shops with specific details about Wii U basic. The shops are recalling this Wii U basic model (the white one with the small HDD) to Nintendo. It seems that Nintendo could be using this white Wii U to release a new pack called Wii U Deluxe. This is Wii U White with 32GB HDD and further items.

Consumer would have two Wii U models with a large amount of HDD, Black or White Wii U with the same specs, you choose. Best Buy, one of the largest retailers confirms this movement through an internal memo:

Stores should pull all new in box [Wii U Basic] units and send them back.

Nintendo has spoken upon this topic:

Nintendo is working with its retail partners to simply rebalance the stock of the White 8GB and the Black 32GB Wii U models in the market.

Hence, Nintendo won’t remove the Wii U basic model from the market. Clients will be able to purchase this basic white Wii U and two different premium options with a black Wii U (Premium) or white Wii U (Deluxe), both with 32GB of HDD, 25 GB available for the customer.

Thanks, Joystiq.