Presently associated with Microsoft, Call of Duty is still in the plans for a seasonal release. Recent speculations suggest that in 2024, the game will be set during the Gulf War, becoming a part of the Black Ops series. There are hints of a potential new game design that could have implications for future titles.

Insider-Gaming has recently released an enticing exclusive: Black Ops Gulf War is set to introduce an open-world campaign. While the series has flirted with this campaign design in the past, this time the experience has been meticulously developed from scratch. Consequently, it differs significantly from the Open World Missions featured in Modern Warfare 3.

The Gulf War edition is rumored to include elements characteristic of open-world dynamics, such as vehicles and fast travel. Interestingly, the game will also incorporate linear missions.

These advancements are anticipated to be seamlessly integrated into upcoming Call of Duty games. Codenamed Saturn, Call of Duty 2025 is reportedly being pitched with an open-world campaign featuring a map divided into different biomes.

Thanks, Insider-Gaming.