If you recall, three months ago an off-screen photo showed us what appeared to be a sequel to Dishonored, one of the most acclaimed games in the year 2012. The image showed the title Dishonored II: Darkness of Tyvia and pointed to an E3 2014 reveal. Unfortunately, the game was not announced in Los Angeles last month, at least to the general public, and now rumors are re-emerging.

1393880732 dishonored 2 darkness of tyvia 600x450 Rumor: Dishonored 2 details, release date revealed | VGLeaks 2.0

According to an anonymous insider source who contacted with NowGamerDishonored 2 is being developed at Arkane’s Lyon studio with Harvey Smith -co-creative director on the first Dishonored game- heading the project. The game will feature a new main character and, although the hero’s identity is not clear, it appears that empress Emily Kaldwin could become the star of the sequel. This fact would mean that Dishonored II: Darkness of Tyvia will be set some time after the original.

NowGamer also warns us that this info is a year old and comes from discussions happening at Arkane Studios when prototypes and early game frameworks for Dishonored 2 were being developed by the company using the idTech engine.

At the same time, VG247 received an anonymous email suggesting that Dishonored 2: Darkness of Tyvia is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One (as we pointed out more than a year ago), probably in November 2015. The source also said that a Gamescon reveal is expected and provided the alleged PS4 pre-order boxart.

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Remember: the info is not official so, as usual, take it with loads of salt.

Via | NowGamer & VG247