Back in 2012, Dragon Age executive producer, Mark Darrah, said BioWare was using Frostbite 2 as a “foundation” for development on Dragon Age III, but now Bioware has confirmed that Dragon age III: Inquisition and the next Mass Effect game will use Frostbite 3, DICE’s last engine.

The Frostbite 3 engine was presented along with Battlefield 4‘s reveal yesterday at GDC and showed many improvements over the previous Frostbite engine.

Of course, this would not be relevant were it not for the fact that Frostbite 3 currently does not support the WiiU.

This could perfectly mean that both games are not being ported to WiiU. Let’s remember that Battlefield 4 is, also, not coming for WiiU and Battlefield executive producer, Patrick Bach, recently told Eurogamer that “the Wii U is not a part of our focus right now.” .

Is WiiU completely out of EA’s future plans?

Thanks to Gamespot.