According to a senior source who has talked with VG247, Sony is going to announce a Driveclub beta during its conference at E3 2014. The sign-up for the beta would begin the next day.

driveclub 600x337 Rumor: Driveclub beta coming in July | VGLeaks 2.0

For the moment, Sony has contacted VG247 to deny a beta for Driveclub is happening, but yesterday, Driveclub design director Simon Barlow considered this option:

I’d be very keen to do a beta but at the moment I haven’t got any plans I can announce

We’re looking at multiple options for continuing user testing. We may very well do a friends and family private beta within the Sony family. But as for any open betas or closed betas there are no specific plans as yet

Stay tuned, E3 will light on this matter.

Via | VG247