There are gamers who prefer to play on PC with a console pad instead of use the combo mouse + keyboard. That’s an interesting option for some types of gameplays and Microsoft open the market with its pad for Xbox 360, a controller compatible with PC. Sony could follow the path.

Reportedly DualShock 4 will work on PC in a native way, we would just have to connect DualShock 4 through a USB cable and our PC will recognize the pad directly, we wouldn’t have to install any driver. It is also reported that the touchpad will also be able to be mapped like the touchpad on your everyday laptop.

The developers of Galak-Z were showing their game at PAX during the last week. Galak-Z was not stable on PS4, therefore the developers showed the game running on PC with a DualShock 4. The person who has brought this info, Redditor dzle, asked if this implied the PS4 controller works on PC and he obtained this answer from the devs:

Yes, it works as a regular USB controller.

Good point for Sony, if I am going to buy PS4 (or Xbox One), I would like to use the same pad with my PC. I wouldn’t want to purchase a specific PC pad for it or have to install drivers or that kind of shit. Plug & play, it’s not too hard to implement.

Thanks, Levelsave.