This week we have seen the GPU and the Move Engines from Durango. The experts are now talking about the reports, is there a special sauce inside Durango? That’s not a topic for me.

Microsoft could change their console philosophy with Durango; new rumors are talking in that direction. Fasten your seatbelts:

Durango would require a permanent internet connection. Yes, if you want to play a single adventure, you would have to be online. Whatever you will play, you must be online. Take the time machine and come back 3 years ago to erase the responsible person.

Do you like to buy second-hand games? Seize the opportunity to buy the last ones in Xbox 360, because Durango won’t allow you to load second-hand games. Another use for the permanent internet connection. Great.

Expect a improve Kinect, maybe this version works fine. The peripheral will come along with the console. Games will be in 50GB Blu-Ray discs.

Thanks, EDGE.