Everquest Next is the new MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment. The game was officially announced for PC, but it appears that it will also come to PlayStation 4, according to Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley.

In an interview with GamerHub.TV , Smedley hinted a possible PlayStation 4 version. He also discussed the advantages of working with a closed hardware:

“We haven’t announced, technically, that we’re putting it on PlayStation 4, but it’s fair to say that we’re a Sony company so, you know, I say that with a smile on my face, I can’t wait to see it on the PS4.”

Free-to-play gaming is going to take a large role on the PlayStation 4. In fact, you’re going to see a number of free-to-play games at launch, and we think it’s going to be the biggest opportunity in free-to-play gaming right now.

PS4 architecture lends itself well to MMOs, because we know we can use the stable platform – where we know everyone has the same hardware. That stable base is probably the biggest advantage that PS4 offers.”

“The single biggest differentiator is the PS4’s memory. It was such a great decision to put 8 gigs [of RAM] on PlayStation 4, and we know it’s a stable platform to utilise. So it’s like developing on a really super high-end PC, but it’s even better than that.”

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Everquest Next won’t be the only MMORPG from Sony Online Entertainment on PS4, DC Universe has already been released on PS4 in North America and it will be released in Europe when the PS4 makes its debut on November 29th. Meanwhile, the MMO first-person shooter Planetside 2 is expected to launch on PS4 in “early 2014”.

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