Far Cry 3 has been one of the surprises of this year. Both critics and users reacted actually great to the third iteration of the Ubisoft’s franchise (4,5 millions of units were shipped), and that cannot go unnoticed to the company. Too big to ignore this success.

Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, stated during an earning call that Far Cry 3 performedway better than expected” and that “fans will certainly not have to wait four more years for the next Far Cry.

Besides, Jeffrey Yolalem, Far Cry’s 3 lead writer, told Joystiq.comYes, I’m working on something now that will be surprising, I think, when it’s announced. But it definitely is a ‘strike while the iron’s hot’ thing, and we’ll see.”.

Then, through a Brazilian classifications rating site, we found this title: Far Cry 3Blood Dragon

So many facts can’t be coincidence.

There’s one last thing coming: Joystiq also twitted with a “reliable source” that also followed the road we are taking and talking about:

FC3lifelower Rumor: Far Cry 3 could continue | VGLeaks 2.0

Well, we can assume there are too many hints to deny a Far Cry 3 sequel (or prequel) at this moment, but one important question is: Will it be a retail game or will it be an “unsual” DLC content? We have not seen may of that.

What do you think?

P.S: By the way, If you didn’t know, Far Cry 3 and Watchdog’s lead game designer Jamie Keen, has left Ubisoft to join Electronic Arts.

Thanks to OnlySP.