Ubisoft is on fire. A user from Neo-GAF forum has hinted all these games that you can read in the title. This user had leaked or hinted other games before, therefore, we can trust on him. One by one:

Far Cry 4: we could play the sequel of the madness Far Cry 3 the next year. It’s a little bit hasty, but it could be. Ubisoft develops one AC per year, this time could be the turn for Far Cry. If anyone of Ubisoft read me, I would prefer a sequel of Blood Dragon. I love the eighties.

Rainbow Six: Ubisoft could be working in the series for PS Vita. Rainbox Six Patriots would be the game for Vita, not a Ghost Recon one.

Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation. AC3 spin off could arrive to PSN and XBLA. 19 May, we received info about the existence of this project through an anonymous source too (thanks pal), so we can confirm this port from another source than the Neo-GAF one.

This week, we have had one further rumor from Ubisoft: The Crew. Ubisoft could unveil this project at E3 2013. Months ago, we hinted a new AC coming to PS Vita.

Thanks, Neo-GAF.