Square is doing a great work with Final Fantasy in my opinion. I enjoined a lot the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake, I consider the work done with Crisis Core a great update and FF XVI is excellent, different if we consider some base elements of the saga, but excellent. There is more on the way.

According to Jeff Grubb, the remake of Final Fantasy IX is in active development, but the scale of the project should not be compared to FF VII Remake and apparently, the size of the remake of Crisis Core is more accurate if we must compare the different remakes made by Square for this future one.

Moreover, the gameplay is being built with the ATB turn-based system. Therefore, the taste will be similar than the original game, but without to sense it as a simple HD Remaster.

Of course, Square is including new scenes, voice acted, new models and an updated overworld for this. Yep.

Thanks, Resetera.