SEGA is on fire after the acquisition of Rovio. A movement that could improve the presence of the Japansese company in the mobile market. Moreover, some days ago a footage with new products emerged, a footage that included material from the rumoured remake of Persona 3 and a new Jet Set Radio.

Here it goes:

The footage could be a fake, a very convincing one, but looks great. We should add to the bonfire that Bloomberg published time ago that SEGA was working on the reboot of Jet Set Radio and Crazy Taxi, and the domain of something possibly related to Persona 3 Remake was published on March 15 (of this year).

reg [Rumor] Footage of new Jet Set Radio and Persona 3 remake | VGLeaks 2.0

So there are evidences, Watson, and I just want to believe, Mulder.

Thanks, Resetera.