Yes, we’re here with short, to-the-point-explosive news: God of War Ragnarök is close to being announced for PC. And the announcement is imminent.

The well-known leaker billbil-kun, well known by all of us for his multiple and always accurate leaks (let’s remember that he has never missed the line-up of PlayStation Plus games, or releases of games like Horizon Forbidden West on PC, for example) comes with this bombshell. After giving little credence to other rumors that indicated some time ago that the next PlayStation game to come to PC would be The Last of Us Part 2, the famous leaker surprises us with this info.

And it’s surprising, above all, because as we said, it seems imminent. GOW Ragnarok is expected to be announced on PC in May 2024, although the release date is unknown.

An important detail is whether this announcement of GOW Ragnarok for PC could be made at the much-rumored PlayStation Showcase, of which there is no confirmation… for the moment.

Stay tuned!