Google Stadia is one of the biggest unknowns that the world of video games has in the short term. Obviously, streaming will be the way to play in a few years, but this model of gaming must to be strong and, mainly, attractive to the consumer.

When Google revealed Stadia, a lot of questions came up: What would be its pricing? How many subscription models will coexist? When exactly will it be launched?

Luckily for us, it seems that a Canadian site skipped the embargo (accidentally, we guess) and leaked a lot of this info, included its release windows, requirements and more:


  • Launch in November in 14 countries (including Canada)
  • You can preorder the “founder’s edition” of Stadia for 169$ today, which includes the gamepad, a Chromecast Ultra (which is 6cm in length), Destiny 2 and three months of subscription
  • Stadia works through a subscription only at first. The Stadia Pro sub costs 11.99$ per month and will include streaming up to 4K/60fps. Note that only “older” games will be included in this sub, and more recent games will have to be bought separately.
  • A separate sub will be available in 2020, and is completely free. It’ll only allow up to 1080p streaming, and won’t include any game like the Pro sub.
  • 10mbps in download/1mbp in upload is the minimal requirement, with 35mbps required for 4K “optimal comfort”.
  • You’ll need the Chromecast for Stadia to work at launch, but it’s planned to work through any Google device with Google Chrome in 2020.
  • Games planned include Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Divison 2, DOOM, all three Tomb Raider games.
  • Line-up will have 31 games at launch.

Stay tuned!