Grand Theft Auto 6 could be one on the most awaited games ever. The megahit of GTA V, a game launched on 2013, is still leading the selling charts, but Take-Two needs a new GTA to renew their players base and push their business to the next level. Officially, the game was announced to be released in 2025, but some things could change if we believe Kotaku.

Internally, Rockstar still plans to launch GTA 6 in 2025, but it’s growing the situation that the game could be ready to ship in the last moments of 2025 or even slip into 2026 as the production is falling behind. Rockstar is urging their staff to return to office to avoid a possible delay.

Bloomberg published in February, that Rockstar was pushing their employees to return to office in full week shifts (Monday to Friday) to avoid leaks and keep the quality as high as possible, but according to an anonymous source, the development of GTA 6 has started to be falling behind. This could provoke a delay in GTA 6 for some months or even more. Therefore, Rockstar is pushing for an office return for April.

We will see, but it’s not a surprise speaking about Rockstar and delays.

Thanks, Kotaku.