Last year, John Drake -Harmonix director of communications and brand management- told in one of the Harmonix Podcast that they were developing several games, some of them unannounced.


Dance Central and Rock Band are kind of our big established IPs. And man oh man are we working on multiple – like, more than two – new triple A IPs, right now that we can’t talk about at all,


However, it appears that not all of them will be released in a near future. According to the LinkedIn profile of Rob Stokes, senior level designer at Harmonix, a Kinect title for Xbox One has been cancelled.

harmonix cv.1jpg Rumor: Harmonix cancels unannounced Kinect game for Xbox One | VGLeaks 2.0

Harmonix has made the following statement about this news:

We’re responsible for the highest-rated Kinect titles for Xbox 360 with our Dance Central franchise, and we’re very excited by the possibilities of the new motion sensing technology for Xbox One. Right now our Kinect development is focused on the already-announced Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved – a title which we believe further innovates in both the motion gaming and music space. Nothing else to confirm today other than a heads up that we’ve got a lot of stuff happening that you’ll hear about soon.

Thanks, Joystiq