Horizon Forbidden West (Guerrilla Games) and its PS5-exclusive expansion Burning Shores could be coming together in a Complete Edition according to several sources.

First, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition appeared on Singapore’s rating board just a few days ago. It was quickly removed from their website.

hfw complete edition [Rumor] Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PS5 and PC will be released within a month | VGLeaks 2.0

But there’s more. And more detailed.

First, and if you remember, we already saw the “Horizon sequel” for PC listed at the infamous Nvidia Leak.

And secondly, the extremely reliable source billbil-kun (many of you will know him, among other things, for leaking the PS Plus lineup every month), confirms that the game will be released on PC. And it will be released very soon.

Specifically, billbil-kun says that Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition will be released in less than a month for PS5 and PC (Steam, Epic Games Store.) An imminent announcement from Sony is expected.

Stay tuned, it looks like September is going to be huge for video game news, rumors, and leaks!