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Our colleagues at VGC state, thanks to good sources, that 2K and Lego have signed a deal and are joining forces to launch a new line of sports video games based on the Lego brand.

For context, Lego is looking to expand its presence in video games when its exclusive deal with Warner Bros.’ TT Games (Lego Star Wars among many others) ends and is considering this new line of sports video games. The deal with WB has been in place since 2005.

According to VGC’s sources, the first video game in this new phase will be a Lego football/soccer video game to be released later this year to coincide with the FIFA World Cup. The game is reportedly being developed by Sumo Digital (Sackboy: A Big Adventure, PS4/PS5).

In addition, Visual Concepts (NBA 2K series) is reportedly developing an open-world Lego racing game to be released in 2023. This game, in fact, was listed by the developer in a job listing: “open-world driving game with a major license”.

A third title is also in development and is based on a major sports franchise according to the source, but we have no further information.

LEGOBatman5 [Rumor] Lego and 2K team up to launch a new line of Lego sports video games | VGLeaks 2.0

Finally, it looks like we might see cameos from Lego characters from Marvel, Harry Potter, DC, or other universes in these new Lego video games.

Stay tuned!

Via | VGC