Lionhead Studios is the British developer behind games such as Black & White, The Movies or Fable. The studio, founded by Peter Molyneux among others, may be working on an unannounced project according to an ex-Lionhead staffer.

The departed staffer says that he worked on a on an “unannounced project” in addition to Fable Legends for Xbox One.

Lionhead recently said  that Fable Legends is the only core Fable game in development, so Superannuation thinks that this project could be a non-core game like “Fable Heroes”  -for example- but he does not believe this is related to Fable IV.

fable legends screenshot 3 600x336 Rumor: Lionhead working on an unannounced project. | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks, VG247 & Superannuation.