Release dates for Mad Max and Just Cause 3 may have been revealed thanks to the LinkedIn profile of Avalanche Studios boss Christofer Sundberg .

Mad Max will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC in April 2014 and Just Cause 3 in summer 2015, according to Sumdberg’s LinkedIn profile.

Sumdberg’s profile doesn’t mention the two titles by name, but gives us some hints about them. In reading his profile, we find that Sundberg said that Avalanche Studios’ “first licensed game, developed based on a well-known movie license” was “scheduled for release in April 2014”. Mad Max is the first licensed game developed by Avalanche.

This mention has been removed.

mad max Rumor: Mad Max to be released in April 2014, Just Cause 3 in summer 2015 | VGLeaks 2.0

When we talk about Just Cause 3 we find that Sumdberg states that an “unannounced sandbox action game” from Square-Enix, referred to as a “new installment in a very well-known game series“, is being developed by Avalanche and “is scheduled for completion in June 2015 for next generation console platforms“.

Avalanche developed the first two Just Cause games, which Square Enix owns.

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