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According to @supererogatory, Mafia 3 won’t be developed any more by 2k Czech, the studio behind Mafia 2.

@supererogatory states that the work on Mafia 3 has been transferred away from 2K Czech and development is “starting from scratch” at the newly opened 2K San Francisco, headed by Rod Fergusson. 2k Czech members who worked on Mafia 2 would have been integrated into 2k San Francisco, so all the senior/lead staff from Mafia 2 would be, presumably, present  in the development of the game.

New team at 2K San Francisco probably working on Mafia 3. Game may be starting from scratch.

The person claimed that Rod Fergusson’s new 2K studio was working on Mafia 3, and the studio contained a number of ex-Marin folks.

And all of the leads on Mafia joined last spring, prior to the Sept. announcement of Rod joining the studio, so there’s that.

mafia 3 Rumor: Mafia 3 transferred to a new 2K studio. Game redone from scratch | VGLeaks 2.0

The source also informs that Mafia 3 was expected to be a launch title for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but layoffs in 2K Czech back in 2011 prevented the game to be delivered on schedule.

Thanks, NeoGaf & @supererogatory.