We know the situation about Konami and the game development business, but the investment made in Silent Hill through several games lighted the wick to see more Konami’s IPs back. One of those properties could be revived in the form of a remake.

Metal Gear Solid Remake could be announced between February and March according to Areajugones, a media with some legit leaks. Moreover, and this is totally speculative, Bluepoint Games maybe teased the project in their holiday card (they included in their card elements from past games and a box like the one used by Solid Snake in Metal Gear).

This is a third-party game and The Snitch claimed that PlayStation is going to reveal “third-party” news soon.

Tye SNitch [RUMOR] Metal Gear Solid Remake could be announced in some weeks | VGLeaks 2.0

Thanks, PS LS.