Past week, during a session on Xbox One’s use of Windows technology at Microsoft’s Build conference, an audience member asked if there were plans to bring Xbox 360 emulation to Xbox One.

Xbox 360 emulator for pc 600x384 Rumor: Microsoft considering Xbox 360 emulator for Xbox One | VGLeaks 2.0

This is what Frank Savage, partner development manager, answered:

AUDIENCE MEMBER: Are there plans for an Xbox 360 emulator on Xbox One?

SAVAGE: There are, but we’re not done thinking them through yet, unfortunately. It turns out to be hard to emulate the PowerPC stuff on the X86 stuff. So there’s nothing to announce, but I would love to see it myself.

If this becomes true, however, we will have to wait and see if Microsoft plans to resell us these titles as downloads. I really hope they don’t.

Source | Kotaku

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