Tons of details about the next Mass Effect game have surfaced today thanks to a person who, presumably, went to the private Mass Effect meetings BioWare held with a handful of select fans at recent PAX events. This person was one of the 21 people that got to give feedback on the concepts as BioWare staff showed them.

We have to remark that Michael Gamble, Producer on the Mass Effect franchise at BioWare, was present in these meetings.

Let’s begin with this.

According to the person who has revealed all this info, BioWare staff started off with the profound question of “what N7 means to us“, so he assumes that this “might read into it not being a previous cycle“.

The source describes that, after this, the meeting ” followed by asking us whether we wanted a direct sequel, a prequel, or something somewhere completely different at a different time. The resounding majority wanted a sequel series”.

Concept art about two new species were also shown:

The first one being described as ‘Arrogant’. They were really skinny, almost skeletal. Their bodies vaguely looked like a boney Turian. They had glowing eyes and a neck that frilled up from their chest 

“The second new race was described as ‘Ancient, Advanced, and Guardian‘. They had a similar color scheme to reapers and they looked like classic fantasy/sci-fi golems. Sleek rocky or metallic bodies with bright glowing lines flowing all over them. Some had fragmented pieces and shattered bits floating in place around them.”

MassEffect3 EdiAlternateArmor03 Rumor: More details about next Mass Effect game. Two new species possibly revealed | VGLeaks 2.0

This person also relates that “really nice cg models of an asari, salarian, human, and krogan running in the new frostbite engine were shown to them. “They looked amazing by the way. Also they stated that, like humans having many different features from each other, they wanted to do that with other races. That showed off some salarians and krogans with interesting face and bone structures

Apparently, BioWare shown a line-up of the series’ main races, and asked fans to pick two if they had to get rid of them. Most picked Quarian and Krogan.

Let’s go now with details on new vehicles and armour configuration:

“Anyways, they showed off a random human model wearing various armors and configurations asking us what we liked and thought was potentially iconic. They really want to do crazy customizable armor. Down to different pieces, colors, textures, materials, and whatnot.”

“They also showed us a slew of land vehicles that would serve for different environments. And the most interesting vehicle was a personal sized Normandy-esque ship that could ‘fit a mako-like vehicle in it’. So the new races mingling with the old ones and a ship that looks like normandy architecture, sounds like sequel material to me.”

They said that as always characters and choices are most important and that they want to focus on exploration and discovery again. And then they finished by showing off too many concept art screens in rapid succession for me to be able to grasp anything. Just a whole lot of beautiful and interesting landscapes.”

3 Rumor: More details about next Mass Effect game. Two new species possibly revealed | VGLeaks 2.0

To finish off, it seems that Michael Gamble said thatexploration and story are very important and that one of their goals to strive for was ‘a stranger in a strange land like Mass Effect 1‘”

EatChildren, NeoGaf moderator, has made a research on this info and thinks it’s real but, as always, we recommend you to take this info with loads of salt.

By the way, next ‘Mass Effect’ title is said to be announced at VGX 2013.

Thanks, Col. Paine & NeoGaf.