Sony desire to expand their IPs abroad the video games world with TV series, movies and different products based on their franchises, even board games (did you play the Bloodborne board game? It’s amazing). The philosophy could include the creation of different genres for established IPs.

NCsoft, well-known for Guild Wars 2, could be working on MMO based om the Horizon world. The idea is to promote this in the global market. In this vein, a source familiar to the matter claims the following:

“NC and NC have tentatively agreed to promote a business partnership to create a new game using Sony’s promising game IP. NCsoft’s internal development team is making it,”

“After starting game development, discussions are underway in the form of ‘pre-development and post-negotiation’ in which the two companies discuss collaboration and business partnership. There is a possibility that it will lead to a comprehensive partnership such as development,”

Part of the current business strategy of the company is the release of free-to-play/multiplayer titles and this one could match with the growing interest of Sony in that area.

Thanks, Resetera.