Yesterday, we detailed the Microsoft strategy. Today, The Verge has got spark details for the Durango’s launch titles. Assuming this rumor as right, Microsoft would sell 4 exclusive titles for the Xbox 720 launch (at least four), aside the third-parties ones. List of games:

Ryse: Former Codename Kingdoms. Crytek is developing the game and Microsoft assists the process. They are working together to get an AAA game. Ryse would be the Gears of War/Halo megaton for Durango. This game would take advantage of the upgrade specs of the new Kinect.

Forza: New iteration with super life-like visuals.

Zombie game: No info provided for this one.

Family game: Pixar style graphics.

I have had an odd vibe about the zombie and the family game. I have to relate the new Kinect with those games. I would have preferred a new PGR instead of Forza and the Zombie game should be a new Dead Rising. Let me dream, it’s free.

Thanks, The Verge.