Rumor: New Forza and Ryse, launch titles for Durango


Yesterday, we detailed the Microsoft strategy. Today, The Verge has got spark details for the Durango’s launch titles. Assuming this rumor as right, Microsoft would sell 4 exclusive titles for the Xbox 720 launch (at least four), aside the third-parties ones. List of games:

Ryse: Former Codename Kingdoms. Crytek is developing the game and Microsoft assists the process. They are working together to get an AAA game. Ryse would be the Gears of War/Halo megaton for Durango. This game would take advantage of the upgrade specs of the new Kinect.

Forza: New iteration with super life-like visuals.

Zombie game: No info provided for this one.

Family game: Pixar style graphics.

I have had an odd vibe about the zombie and the family game. I have to relate the new Kinect with those games. I would have preferred a new PGR instead of Forza and the Zombie game should be a new Dead Rising. Let me dream, it’s free.

Thanks, The Verge.