We know that Tom Henderson has been sharing PlayStation news for quite some time now. And usually, if he’s talking, he’s talking about some pretty interesting stuff.

First, it was his info about the new PlayStation 5 Chassis D, that (yet to be officially confirmed) unit with a detachable optical drive that should be with us very soon. Then it was Project Q -the next PlayStation handheld device-, to end up sharing information about a supposed PlayStation 5 Pro.

On the latter, and via another website he owns (keytogaming.com), Tom Henderson has shared new information:

  • PlayStation 5 Pro is codenamed Trinity. PS4 Pro was NEo, while PSVR2 was Morpheus.
  • It has been in development since early 2022, with sources citing that although the rumours of a cancelled PlayStation 5 Pro project are always “fun to read”.
  • Demo events for the PS5 Pro are already ongoing.
  • The majority of studios will receive development kits this year, by late November 2023.
  • Sources have stated that PS5 Pro/Trinity features 30 WGP and 18000mts memory.
  • 30WGPs would mean 60 Compute Units for the GPU vs 36 on PS5.
  • PlayStation 5 Pro will be targeting improved and consistent FPS at 4K resolution, a new ‘performance mode’ for 8K resolution, and accelerated ray tracing.
  • PlayStation 5 Pro is in development and is targeting a November 2024 release date.

What do you think about this mid-gen iteration?