Silent Hill is back according to rumors and we have some hints from Bloober Team to enrich the article. In summary, there are two different Silent Hills in development from two different studios. Let’s see:

1. Bloober Team. The team responsible for The Medium is working right now in another horror IP with a very famous gaming publisher; moreover, this game will have more action elements. Piotr Babieno, CEO from Bloober, described their new project with those words, but he could not unveil more than that.

2. A Japanese developer. VGC, published from independent sources that Konami has licensed Silent Hill to a prominent Japanese developer for a new game. This game should be different from past Silent Hill games. We should see something from this project, this summer.

Therefore, two Silent Hills in development from two different studios. There was a rumor that claimed that.

VGC unveils that Supermassive and the Japanese publisher’s, approached to develop a reboot of Silent Hill, but the project was not signed.

Thanks, VGC.