As we approach E3 2016, leaks and rumors begin to increase their frequency.  Today, an interesting rumor is quickly spreading all over the Internet: Microsoft could announce, at least, two new Xbox systems at E3 2016 and one more at E3 2017 (or Spring 2017).

This info comes from a podcast on, where Brad Sams provides a lot of information. So, let’s recap:

  • Microsoft will reveal a new Xbox system in 2017 (currently in the works), VR enabled and based on a new architecture. Codename: Scorpio.
  • Additionally, the company would announce the Xbox Nano at E3 2016, which will be a streaming device similar to Chromecast. Pricing point may be around $100.
  • The Xbox Slim (Mini) would be also announced on this E3. It would be, basically, a smaller version of the current Xbox One, but with 4K output (we don’t have further hardware details).
  • New Xbox controller with minor revision.
  • Xbox Interface coming to the PC version of Xbox Live.
  • Xbox and PC will be very important at E3, as more stuff is coming to PC.

xbox roadmap [Rumor] New Xbox systems: Xbox 2 (2017), Xbox Nano/Mini (E3 2016) and more... | VGLeaks 2.0

As always, take this with tons of salt, pre-E3 dates are quite tricky, so let’s wait a little bit more.

Via | NeoGaf