Gran Turismo is the Playstation bestseller, the Real Driving Simulator for some people and an arcade racing for others. Live is balance.

Polyphony Digital is already working on PS4, according the rumor, the last week Polyphony Digital employees were seen in L.M. Gianetti, Italy. Gianetti is home to special cars, prototypes and limited editions. Polyphony has worked with the Italians before; do you remember the Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car? It’s a Gianetti’s car. Very famous since it first appeared in Gran Turismo 2.

Polyphony staff was taking photos and scanning cars, someone in Gianetti uploaded some pictures to Facebook. The album was called ‘’ Scanning for Gran Turismo PS4’’, soon afterwards, the album was renamed and lately has been deleted.

I have gathered together pictures published on Neo-GAF and NowGamer from the quoted Facebook’s album, now deleted.

Thanks, NowGamer & Neo-GAF