Crowd expects an Orbis presentation soon, 02/20 is the date. Leave your wife with her mother; they already have San Valentine’s Day. Buy beers and toilet paper, you are going to need it. Save the day my friends.

Today we have interesting rumors, in fact, the sort ones that I like. New racing games for Orbis and Durango:

Evolution Studios (Motorstorm) could be working in a new IP with former Bizarre workers and Ged Talbot, lead designer of Blur and some of Project Gotham Racing games. If rumors are right, we should expect a game like PGR. Maybe with the same core or inspired by the quoted game.

Guerrilla Games should be working in a new IP too. February 20 is going to be a marvelous day. Take the day off, you deserve it.

On the other side, Microsoft would be developing a racing game too. When Activision closed Bizarre, some of the workers opened a new studio called Lucid. Ok, Lucid and former Criterion people would be behind of Project Gotham Racing 5.

Exclusive games for next-generation consoles with a similar gameplay. Strange.

Thanks, STFU.