Resident Evil: Village has been an enjoyable game and one of the most outstanding titles of the year if we considered that has been included in a lot of “Game of the year” lists of candidates in different outlets. Of course, Capcom is planning more of Resident Evil, and the new chapter could be internally known as Apocalypse.

In bullet points:

  • Apocalypse is the working title
  • Third person survival horror experience strictly focused to single player
  • The game would include an innovative partner system, who is your friend or foe? The game could include a type of trusting system to find bioweapons among our team
  • Ghost town setting. The atmosphere will invoke deep primordial fear of the unknown and terror of the deep forest. Similar to the book “Ritual”
  • Features of Resident Evil 2 and Outbreak to create a sense of dread
  • Old folk creatures like Wendigo and Goatman will be here
  • Final chapter to conclude stories of old characters
  • Planned to be released in 2024
  • Development: early stages

Thanks, Resetera.