Nintendo have got an ample and exquisite amount of licenses, they could create more iterations based on that rich legacy. That topic is always a vexed point when fans defend that Nintendo should remember their past products to commercialize different experiences. Metroid and F-Zero are in that situation right now.

Samus Aran could have performed a new 2.5D game on 3DS, but Nintendo decided to cancel it. People from Unseen64 unveiled the project and shared some details with the community.

I will summarize the info in some bullet points:

– The pace was a little bit faster than Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion.

– Gameplay: 2.5D. The player would advance in two dimensions with a 3D depth.

– Samus Aran design: the hunter was thinner and more athletic than other Metroids.

– Developed by a reputed western developer.

– Apparently on works until 2012.

– Nintendo rejected the prototype showed by this unknown studio. Nintendo did not want to continue Metroid with a 2.5D gameplay at that time.

Thanks, Nintendo Everything.