As the unveiling of Nintendo’s new console draws near, rumors abound with increasing intensity. There seems to be an unwritten rule that the abundance of rumors directly correlates with the imminent release of a product, and the case of Switch 2 is no exception.

According to reports from Vandal, a Spanish outlet, Switch 2 may introduce a new type of Joy-Cons that attach to the console magnetically, departing from the current rail system used by the existing Joy-Cons. While it’s suggested that the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller will be compatible with Switch 2, details regarding the compatibility of the original Joy-Cons remain unclear.

Further insights from Mobapad indicate that the new console will support 4K resolution when docked and 1080p resolution in handheld mode, utilizing an 8-inch screen. Additionally, Switch 2 is rumored to offer backwards compatibility for physical Switch 1 games.

For those closely following news about Switch 2, there are murmurs of internal delays pushing the release to the first months of 2025.