We use to speak about technology, games, but, what’s happen with the price? It’s important; I am not going to pay a nonsense number for a new console. I would prefer to burn my bucks instead of buy a product overpriced.

Asashi, a well-known newspaper in Japan, reports that Orbis would cost more of 40.000 yens. That’s 320€ or 430$. If we fix the price according the markets and that kind of things, we could expect a price around 400$ or 400€. You know for the companies, 400$ and 400€ are the same quantity. Pal territories know the story…

On the other hand, Nikkei (another Japan’s publication) confirms Gaikai for Orbis. Backward compatibility? That’s an alternative, a solid one. Orbis won’t have Cell and a Nvidia graphics system. The cloud is a feasible way out to offer backward compatibility.

According to Nikkei, Sony would add a new social system in their new console. Speak and play at the same time.

Thanks, Gaming Everything.