Persona 6 could be closer than we think. And the announcement of Persona 3 Remake as well. Besides, a Persona spin-off might be released in 2024.

Wow! Everything we’ve written in the first paragraph is a lot of interesting information, if true. But the information comes from Nate the Hate, a very reliable source when it comes to rumors of this kind.

In a conversation with Modern Vintage Game, Nate the Hate said that Persona 6 will be released in late 2024 for PS5. That’s relatively close in time (because let’s not forget what we went through to celebrate the release of Persona 5), and if the information is true, it would be great news. He says the game will initially be released on PlayStation 5 due to a temporary exclusive.

On the other hand, the much talked Persona 3 Remake would be announced practically right now, at Xbox Games Showcase in June. It would be released as early as 2023.

And to top it all off, Nate says that a Persona spin-off is in development, with a planned release date of 2024. Perhaps two new Persona games in the same year seems a bit strange, but we’ll have to see the exact timings of each (or possible delays) to analyze the full picture.

Anyway, stay tuned, there are some very interesting weeks ahead!