We are looking forward to strong emotions. We’re really looking forward to it. We’re getting to the former E3 period, and our controllers are begging for thrills, events, showcases, and directs.

A new PlayStation Showcase has been rumored for some time now, and many rumors have been pointing to this May… and they may be right.

Leaker Radec shared via Twitter/X a screenshot of an Instagram post by DJ Akademiks (since deleted) that indirectly indicated the PlayStation Showcase was imminent.

It seems that due to marketing agreements with Sony, the artist Kendrick Lamar can not release a new track until the PlayStation Showcase happens. And, according to the info given in the deleted IG post, this is going to happen next week.


It’s certainly not an official confirmation that the PlayStation Showcase is happening next week, but we’ve seen a lot of people over-talking in anticipation of official announcements.

This time, a music track could have given us all the information we needed.

Stay tuned for next week!