Apparently, Bungie included some code that refers to Destiny’s future content and possible expansions when the company released the game earlier this month. At the moment, the company has announced two expansion packs, House of Wolves and The Dark Below, which could include this new content.

Thanks to a bug in Destiny’s world map, we have known about new Story Missions, Strikes, Crucible modes, and even Raids which, possibly, will be included in the two expansion packs mentioned.

Reddit user KilledbyDice posted the information on Reddit. Take a look:



    • Strike [Level 10] – The Jovian Complex: A new Hive brood gathers it’s strength beneath the cosmodrome. Find their master and purge them all.
    • Story Missions – There seems to be 4 more story missions located in the North East section of the map in the Kings Watch section


    • Strike [Level 14] – The House of Wolves: No description
    • Strike [Level 26] – The Summoning Pits: Xyor, the Unwed awaits your arrival at the bottom of the Hellmouth (part of an exotic bounty not new expansion content. Thanks to /u/The7ruth)
    • RAID [Level 28] – Crota’s End: He waits in the dark below


    • Story Mission – There appears to be a new story mission in “The Terminus”


    • Strike [Level 20] – The Hypogeum: The ressurection of the Black Garden has begun. Stop the Vex before the Garden’s heart beats again.


    • RAID [Level 28] – Reef Raid: No Description


    • Skirmish [Special Event?] – Only the worthy may face the Trials of Osiris for only the worthy are strong enough to endure what is to come.

A string of victories will earn you great rewards – but lose three times and you’re out.

    • 3v3 Team Deathmatch
    • Level Advantages Enabled
    • Weekly Rewards
    • Trial Set Gear
    • Ascendant Materials
    • Crucible Marks

Stay tuned.

Via | Mp1st