PS Vita is not having great sales figures. In fact, they are quite discrete.

At February 28th Japanese consumers saw a price cut that caused a boost in Japanese sales of Sony’s newest handheld. That price cut also had a side effect: Vita 3G’s price was equalled to Wifi’s one.

Many rumors about the discontinuing of the system showed up then, but now they have been strengthened with a recent decision: Vita 3g has dropped its price in the USA, across many stores, down to 199,97$.

This new price is, besides, set for a tempting bundle: PS Vita 3g, 8 GB Memory Card and a voucher for a free PlayStation Network game – always that you sign up for data coverage.

Joystiq has spoken with many employees of the stores (that includes Sony stores) cutting down Vita  3G price and many of them are stating that this is a permanent drop and that’s related with the system being discontinued.

centurycitywatermark Rumor: PS Vita 3G could be discontinued | VGLeaks 2.0

Of course, there are many other stores that don’t know absolutely anything about this. It seems unofficial. For the moment.

We have a price cut for 3G model in Japan, we have another one  in the USA. When will Europe see it?