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Sony seems to be doing things right this time. A new rumor is sailing the internet today: The Times (UK) have got info about the suppose price for Orbis. The Japanese company would be considering the price of PS4. Orbis would cost £300 in UK. That’s 350€ or 463$.

Maybe you don’t need to get a job to pay the console, if rumors are right.

PS3 cost £425. £125 less than PS4, with that save of money we could buy three games at least. February 7, we published a leak from Asashi, they set the Orbis price near to 400€. Joining the info, we should wait a price around 400$/400€ and £300, depending the currency of your country.

Sony should bring forward Orbis presentation for tomorrow; I want to see Uncharted 4.

Thanks, The Times.