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“An insider involved with PlayStation’s business strategy” has told CVG that Sony is targeting Europe as a very important area in its actual strategy due to the possibility of Microsoft becoming more aggressive in the old continent after the success of Xbox 360 in one of the most important markets of the European zone: United Kingdom.

Sony would launch Playstation 4 this year en Europe with no delay. The company knows how important is the fact of launching its system before than Microsoft’s  Durango/Next Xbox, and wants to ensure there is no delay in Europe.

ps4 580 75 Rumor: PS4 launch in 2013 with no delay in Europe. | VGLeaks 2.0

According to this insider, that would lead to a possible shortage in some regions and they would then prioritize the U.S and Europe.

Japan would be the region where less consoles would be sent, since Sony considers Japan a “safe region”.

Remember that we talked just six days ago about the possibility of Sony having trouble with PS4 production and not reaching the desired number of 16 millions of PS4 delivered this year.

Thanks, CVG.