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Sony followed the famous strategy of “wait and see” at E3 2016 to evaluate the rival, in this case, Microsoft and their new Xbox One S and project Scorpio unveiled at the expo.

Sony made PS4 Neo official before E3 16 and according some sources, Neo could be announced in an independent event á la Apple to be commercialized just some time after that reveal. The system could be available in the last months of this year. Along this upgraded PS4, Sony could be ready to launch a slim version of PS4.

A WSJ analyst has predicted that Sony will unveil PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim at Tokyo Game Show 2016. Full statement about this topic:

Sony plans to ship 20 million units of the PlayStation 4 during the current fiscal year, with momentum likely to be fueled by releases of blockbuster game titles and a high-end version of the console.

Macquarie Securities analyst Damian Thong said Sony might also introduce a slimmer version of the PlayStation. Sony declined to comment on that possibility. The new variations of the console might be released at a game show in September, Mr. Thong said.

Sony would have shared these intentions in a recent investors meeting.

Thanks, NeoGAF.