Yes, you read that right. Remember that tech demo, The Dark Sorcerer, that Quantic Dream (Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls) showed off at E3 2013 for PS4? Well, it seems that after many years it could turn out that that demo will be the basis for one of the next games the company will release for PS5.

This has happened in the past when Detroit: Become Human was born from a tech demo called “Kara”.

Now, that “magical” tech demo, which showed a sorcerer playing with dark magic (and with a very present humorous tone), would have been the basis for a game that would be codenamed “Dreamland” that would be released for PS5 (and maybe PS4, although this could change).

All of this information comes from @accngt, who previously shared info about Star Wars Eclipse before it was announced, and even showed a screenshot of the project.

Now, @accngt has revealed this information about Dreamland, which would be being written by David Cage and would be an “interactive storytelling” game. Also, the development (centered on the Paris team), would be more advanced than Star Wars Eclipse.

Stay tuned.

Via | VGC