As you will all know, Microsoft is in the middle of a company-wide restructure and is closing down its Xbox Entertainment Studios. This division planned some original Xbox-exclusive TV content like Halo, Deadlands or Human. Halo series is expected to continue, but another interesting production might be affected by the Xbox Entertainment shut down.

Many of us thought that Quantum Break’s TV segments were produced by Remedy Entertainment, the developer behind the game, but according to what we can read on a GameInformer tweet, Microsoft may be involved in the production:

quantum break tv segments Rumor: Quantum Break's TV segments affected by Xbox Entertainment shut down? | VGLeaks 2.0

Unfortunately, the silence coming from MS after the Entertainment division shut down is worrying.

For anyone who does not know, Quantum Break’s TV segments will be integrated with the main game: players will unlock a new live-action episode at the end of particular gameplay segments which they can choose to watch immediately or later on their mobile devices and tablets.

Stay tuned.

Via | shinobi602 & GameInformer