Capcom is focusing heavily its market strategy on Resident Evil. This year we have played Resident Evil 3 Remake and the next one we could have Resident Evil 8, an entry that would repeat some mechanics seen in RE7.

New rumors have emerged about this RE8. In bullet points:

Occultism. The game would revolve in some apart around occultism, but not magic. There is a cult that pray to the abominations created by the new virus. Supernatural elements would be explained by hallucinations provoked by the virus.

Antagonist. Alan R. would be the main villain, a count that live in a castle. Natalia/Alex Wesker would be the secondary villain. Blue Umbrella would have something to hide.

Emily, new playable character. Emily is a mountain resident that will help Ethan. She grew up in the village.

Flashlight. RE8 will be a very dark game and we will have to use a flashlight to give some light in our advance. The flashlight will run out of batteries and we should let it rest to recharge. New mechanic.

Locations. We will visit castles, caves, forest and the village. Larger focus in outdoor areas than the rest games in the series.

Evil Chris. Ethan and Mia have a child and due to the infections occurred during RE7, the child is deformed. They live in a lonely place and Chris Redfield operating on his own breaks into the house and executed the baby and shoot Mia. Ethan is abducted and he wakes up in the village.

Ethan’s Trek. We will start our journey thought the mountains unarmed.

Enemies. We will fight mainly against zombies and human like enemies. Add dogs, wolves and enemies similar to the Lickers. In the castle there are zombies with swords, knives and cubs. Expect some gruesome enemies with abomination designs.

Thanks, Rely on Horror.