[UPDATE] Eurogamer claims that sources close to publisher Capcom also state that RE 8 will be a first person game

After the critical and public success of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom seems to have found the right path to follow with the Resident Evil series. This means that Resident Evil 8 could be not too far away and, inevitably, the first potential Resident Evil 8 details and rumors are appearing.

Tweeter user Nibel (@Nibellion), who has a good track record behind his account, has shared some original info coming from Residence of Evil, a YouTube channel that shared these first details on RE 8:

  • Ethan from VII is the protagonist
  • first-person
  • zombies return
  • new enemy type: werewolves
  • new stalker enemy type
  • Chris Redfield will return in some form

As you can see, if the info is true, we will see zombies again on RE 8, while werewolves will make its debut on the series. Furthermore, Ethan Winters from RE 7 will be the protagonist of a RE 8 where we will meet again with Chris Redfield.

Stay tuned.